The Golf MasterMind

The Golf MasterMind

Beyond your physical outer game, your inner mental and emotional game holds the key to realizing your potential. The Golf MasterMind system is an innovative approach that combines your physical golf skills with your inner mental and emotional abilities to help you achieve success. The goal of the Golf MasterMind approach is to reduce the gap between your potential scores (determined by your physical golf skills) and your actual scores (determined by how those physical skills are applied on the course).

The Golf MasterMind system considers five key areas of performance:

1. You must really want to excel, and you must not give up in the face of inevitable challenges and setbacks (MOTIVATION).

2. You must be able to excel; that is, your skills and abilities must be at a level to support your dreams and goals (ABILITY).

3. You must use your skills and abilities effectively (STRATEGY).

4. You must apply yourself and care about the result (FOCUS).

5. You must believe that you can do it (CONFIDENCE).

The Golf MasterMind system addresses each of these levels in detail, and provides a way to measure your performance so that you can track your progress as you improve. Golf MasterMind covers mental toughness, the focus switch, managing emotions, and optimizing your playing strategy so that your can score to your potential… every time!

All High Performance Academy students are coached directly by Golf MasterMind author and PGA professional Rick Heard. Each student receives a copy of the Golf MasterMind Workbook as a guide to chart progress and demonstrate improvement over time.